Thursday, April 28, 2011

My big boy is 8

My boy is 8 now. I love what he wanted for his birthday, new clothes and lunch at the vegan cafe GloHealth. He is my least demanding child, always grateful for what he receives, still quite sensitive and thoughtful. Its amazing how different all my children are and I appreciate all their qualities.
See my boys. My younger boys seem to be more rough and like to wrestle, and to do more things together. They have been bonding more lately which is always a joy to see as a parent.

My middle boy is now yellow belt. I was excited for him to go to his grading but then on the day I had pre labour that seriously stopped me in my tracks. This pregnancy has left me clueless or maybe its just teaching me how unpredictable life and birth can be.
The holidays were fun though we didn't do too much in the first part. Easter was a non event as we were most excited about celebrating my son's birthday.
I have been knitting a little.
A vest for my youngest son.
 Bonnet in red llama yarn.
After preparing the tallboy I realise that I went overboard creating for the little one. What's new. So I am trying to make non newborn stuff now.

Knitted crane for Japan.

Hotshot for bub in Summer, knitted in cotton fleece.

Double stranded Versa with star buttons from the Bird and the Fish.

Now I am slowly but surely getting organised for the birth of our fifth child, I am feeling fine and I am just enjoying the last days (I don't think it will be more than a month but in May) of the family dynamic as it is.

Av has learned the alphabet, knows all the letters and can write the capitals and lower case. He can count to ten and extended himself to add small numbers together. He can also count to Japanese to ten. This is what he  wanted to learn for himself.
Meanwhile J has been picking up a few new words and saying them more clearly than he has older words. We are having a townhouse being built in the backyard which is interesting to see happen on a weekly basis. J says "House" and "Dirt"

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karisma said...

Happy birthday to your little man! Your knitting projects are stunning as usual. xox