Friday, September 30, 2011

Interview with J

We moved house last weekend without too hassle. The new house isn't too bad, the lounge room is tiny and the house is small but we will manage.

J turned 3 the week before on the 21st September.

He has really started to talk now. Here is an interview I did with him today. Chuggington is a common answer since he is kind of obsessed with that show. Towards the end he got bored but he loved the attention. My bigger boys also wanted an interview so will get to that too.

My favorurite food -cheese
My favourite sport -chugging
My favourite tv show- mama need chuggington
The coollest person -chugging
My favourite thing to learn- chug chug
If I  could go anywhere in the World- eshop
My favourite colour- lellow
What to do when I grow up-eshop
My favourite song- rocknroll
Favourite book- chug
Me in 3 words -erp mtambo chug please
When I was little I liked- movie
My favourite season -mummy shop
Favourite thing to do- bout laughing you cake
Favourite snack- Brewster eat it
My best friend -no mummy no mummy (hugs biggest brother)
My wish- yep yes best smoker

Interview with Av ( desperate for a turn at answering questions then bored halfway through)
My favorurite food - pizza
My favourite sport - Karate
My favourite tv show- Transformers
The coollest person - Justin Beaver
My favourite thing to learn-Karate
If I  could go anywhere in the World-Transformers land
My favourite colour-  blue
What to do when I grow up- be a person who could make dress costumes
My favourite song-I don't really have a favourite song
Favourite book- mm ahh I'm ..I don't have a favourite whatever you said.
Me in 3 words  -
When I was little I liked-
My favourite season -
Favourite thing to do- 
Favourite snack- 
My best friend -
My wish-

Interview with N (currently reading about music and loves the maths involved, smarter than me)
My favorurite food - chippies
My favourite sport - basketball
My favourite tv show-That 70s show
The coolest person - Albert Eintein
My favourite thing to learn-  Science
If I  could go anywhere in the World-(stated our new address in full including the World, Universe)
My favourite colour- aqua
What to do when I grow up- build a house
My favourite song- Neumes - its an ancient song
Favourite book-  I read all books
Me in 3 words- clever, clever and clever. There should be a comma (edited!)
When I was little I liked-  sucking on my mother's shoulder
My favourite season -Super Winter
Favourite thing to do- read one chapter book in a day which is really easy
Favourite snack-fruit
My best friend- Unknown :)
My wish-Don't have one.
My favourite memory- Seeing my brother being born.

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