Monday, September 12, 2011

things I know (about J)

Joining on this as I have been meaning to write about my toddler in particular because time just flies and I have a memory like a sieve. Which of course is why I take so many photos, even of the most mundane things my kids do. Would love to talk about all my kids but if I concentrate on one at a time it makes for better quality time to provide the best answers :). Interestingly someone stated you can't have quality time without the quantity. A little like how practice makes perfect, you can't know someone without spending some time with them.

Anyway, my son is almost 3, in a week actually.

The things I know about J
  •   He "needs" things. Most things he says a preceded by "Need (wee, Chuggington, drink, bood, hug etc)"
  •   He has beautiful eyes that are most like the colour hazel. He was born with blue eyes that slowly changed over time.
  •   He was slow to speak but his vocabulary is becoming impressive day to day.
  •   His words often cut off the first sound eg. car is 'ar

  •   He has started calling his brother "Rammy". He calls baby brother by his full name or "Baby Born" though he has recently dropped the 'born'. He often asks "Where Baby doe (go)?" if he can't see him. He adores his brothers and sister even if they do upset and annoy each other too. He calls his sis "Alah" and his older brother by his shortened name - actually said his name first out of all the siblings.
  •   He does not say his own name. 
  •   Usually responds to questions with a "NO!" or a "Yes" if it sounds favourable!
  •   His favourite tv shows are "The Hive" "Chuggington" and "Roary". He can find the latter two if his Dad has youtube on.
  •   Refuses to wear my knitteds anymore. 
  •   Likes to wear nothing or at least no pants. This is normal for that age I assume. He can dress and undress and sometimes he wears his clothes inside out or back to front and will try wearing clothes that are too big ie. he will grab whatever he can find so it may be girl size 14 or big boys sizes.
  •   His mean tantrums often end with him asking Mama for a hug. 
  •   His favourite toys usually have wheels, he likes cars, trains and trucks. Also Lego and likes to join in games with his brothers or hang out with his sister. He likes to pick up baby and wishes he wasn't so "big, hebby (heavy)"
  •   He loves his sleep and food. He is a big healthy boy. He often eats and drinks and naps whenever he needs to.

  I love him so much, life just would not be the same without him. He was freebirthed, now free schooling, he has to be free thinking which I appreciate as hard as it can be as a parent at times.

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