Monday, December 26, 2011

Grade 6 graduation

After 7 years at school, plus Kinder, my daughter still wants to do more. This is the one who was asking to go to school at 16 months and thought carrying a backpack meant she ws ready. My boys were not so keen to go to school though now my 8 year old loves school though for a different reason. My girl is very social though she tells me she is the quiet one in the corner at school. I find this hard to believe as she is outgoing and has no problems talking to people or interracting and is looking forward to being in the high school play and doing debates and public speaking. I see she is more like her Dad in some ways but quiet like me but only when it suits her! As a toddler she would even go and talk to strangers but she never ran off to do it.  My eldest son is going into grade 4 next year and he is very much into the academic aspect of school rather than the social one. He is not fussed if he has friends and just wants to learn. I find it interesting they both have plans for the future, its not something I thought much about at their age apart from just wanted to be older.  Their reports were fair. I understand its not in the interest of the school to be that honest in the reports, they want  to be kids in with their age groups even if they are ready for harder work. For example, my son loves maths and knows a lot that hasn't been taught at school so its just revision for him.  He excelled at reading and writing this year and he was tested as reading at the 15 year old level which is just about on par with his sister who reads at a 14.7 year old level.  I must say though, if they want to attend school, I am glad it was the primary school they are at. It is a state school with enough funding so we never have to worry about fundraising, its an open learning school which basically means there are no real classrooms and my daughter this year was in the Independent Learning Program which was set up for the students who were ready for working on their own. She was also  in the SRC which shows her leadership skill. In saying that, my 6yo is not keen on school, he is so free and not ready to be moulded I guess you could say. My girl is excited about starting year 7 at the high school next to the primary school so its not going to be too different, just a new building with new teachers. She knows some of the older students and her best friend will be in year 8 so I try not to worry! The campus is year 7-9 so is not a huge school, probably not much bigger than the primary school so I m happy about that. Still very nervous,, its probably my memories of my schooling that makes me feel that way.

It was amazing to see my daughter graduate primary school, it was made very special and I am glad the school put so much effort in to the event.

Christmas day was spent with family and the kids were as always spoiled with gifts, of course getting what they really wanted from their parents, which is a real joy when you hear "Thankyou Mum" and "Merry Christmas, you are the best"  "When I am dead, I will still remember you" (N) and "159 points"(A).  Oh yeah! So I guess the stress is worth it. Not a huge fan of Christmas for the consumerist event it has become, with its confused  Christian/Pagan view on it. I just think its hard to remember what its all about when it seems all about the gifts these days.

So as the yeaar 2011 comes to an end I am grateful for my family, my husband and my children especially as they have been always there, we love to spend time together, hope that never ends through all the stages we go through. I so enjoy the learning and growth of each child,  each stage, each dynamic, its amazing to me.

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