Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Thoughts on vaccines

This is not really tongue in cheek, regardless of the way I portray myself as not trusting vaccines, but I am still curious.

So the people who are too sick or weak to get vaccinated are? And are those people, breeding grounds too like that some say my children are? Are my non vaccinated kids making my vaccinated kids sick?

My 6yo is still alive, he has more than survived, that is, he has not had  a so called vaccine preventable disease  despite him never been vaccinated. So I assume he has not passed on any diseases unless he is just a carrier which just doesn't makes sense to me.

This makes me wonder if it matters that the risk of my children getting any of these diseases that vaccines are meant to prevent is important. If the risk in my area is low and my kids are not in childcare and that children  over 5 are not at risk as much and then a child who is breastfed is also protected, not to mention other factors that means our risk is low....? And even if the risk was high, is it fair for the individual family to make that judgement and choice and not the Government and medical profession?

So why vaccinate? In theory to potentially protect other children? Because other children are more important than my worries for my own children. And not to mention my 8yo is not well enough to get any more vaccinations due to what happened to him 7 years ago. I am still worried that could happen to my younger children and why should I risk that?

My eldest child is fully vaccinated for her age, yet she still has had far less needles than what most one year olds have been given these days. She was given breastmilk during each needle except at 12 and 18mths and 4 years since I was no longer breastfeeding at that stage. She was vaccinated by the early childhood nurse .Except for her 4yo needle which I organised because she was enrolling in school and I was not informed I could decline. It was just the done thing right? She yelled and screamed and cried and though embarrassing maybe she was right to fight it. I feel guilty for it. My eldest son was vaccinated at the council building which was just awful, the feeling I got when I took him for his one year of age should have stopped me that day. Children lining up to get their free stabs. Its cringeworthy the more I think about it. I was not informed I could decline. Just do it cos the Government would not offer it it was that risky. I feel guilty for it.

I was so undecided about vaccines for  a while but decided to delay with Av and now he is over 6 and I am less undecided I guess. Two more sons and the youngest is 7months. My two youngest are still breastfed and I feel more comfortable about not vaccinating. I declined and refused to sign when I had Av saying I will delay til I feel more comfortable and then again with my 4th child.   When I had my 4th child, the nurse seemed to be more convinced by what I was saying rather than what was in her book about convincing parents to vaccinate. She told me in an indirect way that I could take the vaccine pages out of the book as they would be useless to us. She gave up by the time I had my 5th and didn't even  ask about vaccines. The woman is so stubborn, she even forgoes the medical profession and births on her own...sovereignty anyone?. Rights and responsibilities need to go hand in hand, support for people to choose for themselves would be nice though.

Maybe I am tempting the idea of someone convincing me to vaccinate but its yet to happen, there is no sense in their argument or logic to my sensibilities. I respect it makes sense to others but not to me. Maybe if ignorance was bliss then life would be easier. But alas ignorance is not.

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