Sunday, January 15, 2012

Conehead hat

Since I have been having some trouble in releasing my overall pattern (actually its not even ready for testing) I hope that this hat will do for now.  I am sure this could be made to any size by adding (or subtracting) increase rounds/sections.

9mm hook with super bulky yarn
Note: Join with slip stitch at end of each round and start with ch2 in each round

Start with 4 ch
Work 6hdc into first ch made,
Join with ss, start each round with ch2,
2hdc into each st,
Work hdc in each st
2hdc in first st, hdc in next til end round
Work hdc in each st for 2 rounds
2hdc, hdc in next two st til end round
Work hdc in each st for 3 rounds
 2hdc, hdc in next 3 sts til end round
Work one round of hdc
2hdc, hdc in next 4 sts til end round
Increase so there is sts divised by 4 (eg. 10x4 = 40sts in total)
Work one round of hdc
Work 2-4 rounds for band alternating 2 front post and 2 back stitches. (ie. 2fphdc, 2bphdc til end round) You could do dc stitches if you prefer.

Please respect my work and not sell this pattern. Feel free to do what you will with items made from the pattern. 
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