Sunday, February 05, 2012

February in a leap year

I have no idea where I am at, but best to update. I have been still knitting and crocheting but not as much as usual. I had my birthday last week...I think.  My 8yo told me I was 24 so I will take that.  Been reading much into politics so that is heavy stuff. I have given up milk this year and also Hungry Jacks. I am not much into those foods anyway so it wasn not that hard. I watched earthlings recently so that has me thinking. I am vegetarian and since my husband has been watching vegan and juicing videos he has been eating better, though he still eats meat just less so. Anyway, been into watching political documentaries and thinking about the very important things in my life. I am not a religous person - in fact I don't feel comfortable with organised religion - though I have been thinking about my belief in God.  I have never been an atheist though agnostic in some ways, I rather believe there is a God and Savior of this world. I try nt to think too much about how evil the world is because its true that those with power often abuse it, take advantage of it and corrupt the people. That said, would I? If I could make a world I wanted, would I? If it would benefit my family and I and maybe in my own mind, the community at large. I am probably one of the very few people who does not want for riches or power and maybe this is the reason why. I could say more but suffice to say I have been thinking about the value of duality and that we are all capable of good and evil and its up to the individual to make their own choices as best they can. To feel only happiness is against nature.

The two big kids started school last week. My daughter started high school. (She is 12 in a couple weeks).The school has been incredibly lacking in communication with us. We were told they would send us information, it never came. We called and they told us they didn't have a booklist. My daughter starts school and discovers the other kids had books.  So past few days we have been searching for books when most stores have sold out.  If the teachers tell my daughter off for something that is out of her control I will  not be impressed.  Meanwhile my boy started grade 4. 

Av is home with us and he has plans for the year so its going to fun.  J has started talking in sentences which amazes me since it seems to have happened to so quickly. He likes to copy Av saying things like "That doesn't make 'ense". At 40 months breastfeeding at least once a day.

Day is crawling everywhere, even up stairs and crusing. He likes to eat fruit everyday. He is a fruitarian but I think he would happily eat almost anything.

Its a short month, February but being a leap year so here's to one extra day!

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