Thursday, March 29, 2012

Officially Homeschooling

After the incident with my daughter's school, I have had many people understand why we took our daughter out of school. Homeschooling seemed to be the best option and I have been pleasantly surprised by the support we have received.

About a week ago, the school called telling me T was not at school in over a week.
Yes, that is right.
Why is that?
We are going to homeschool.
Do you know anything about it?
Yes *only been researching it for years and homeschooling already, also mentioned it previously at the school*
Oh, will get back to you.

We sent  off the registration paperwork for my 12 year old and 6 year old that day. After the weekend, the school called again.
We are worried that T has not been at school.
We have registered to have her homeschool.
Oh, is it possible she return to school?
You have to register with distance education.
No *explain how you can register in Victoria*
Oh, well, that is how the principal always does it, through distance ed.
No. *again explain the procedure of registering to homeschool in Victoria*

Well, we will have to involve DHS if she is not attending school.
We have registered her to homeschool.
Does she have her school books and curriculum?
Yes *not going to explain that informal learning is recognised in Victoria*
Ok, will talk to the registration board and the principal and get back to you.
A little while later...Sorry *contrite apology* Of course she can homeschool, just come and exit your daughter from the school....
Interesting that they believed that they thought they cared for her education more than her parents could and that somehow they felt they needed to give their permission. My daughter chose to attend your school and now she has decided with our support to no longer attend. So after that, they promise not to bother us any more. Thank goodness. We then receive the registration the next day so that is a relief. 
Meanwhile, I am feeling very confident with how we plan to learn with our family. I am absolutley amazed with how my 6 year old shares with me what he discovers, its just incredibly inspiring and wonderful. I don't really have words to describe it.
My 12 year old is so much happier and doesn't miss school at all. I feel so saddened that she didn't tell us how things were at school. Maybe she didn't know how to, or she felt like she couldn't because she chose to enrol, I am not sure. But I do know she is much happier now and I am enjoying our discussions, primarily on her body changes at this time. ITs an exciting experience for her at the moment and I am appreciative that I am available to her at this time. For our open discussions and hugs, its important. Relationships are under rated.
What better way to learn, than on your own or with those who love and care deeply about you? We went to Scienceworks last week, we could do that every week if we would like to. We have time to talk, we don't have to sit still to learn. We can ask as many questions as we need to, we can find out the answers. We can spend as little or as long as we like on what we are interested in. We walked to the next suburb the other day, we were in no rush, we stopped at a playground. I love how my 6 year old can ask to rest at a playground, a rest meaning a play. We don't have to make plans to learn. Learning happens. All the time.

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Athena ~ Sazz said...

*bliss* sounds wonderful to have her home. Lots of head shaking at the school's ignorance and permission giving, lesigh. very glad to hear you're all happier now :)