Saturday, January 12, 2013

A new year, its 2013

Its hard to believe I haven't blogged since October. It has been a busy few months in our household. All the kids are growing up and I do wish time would slow down so I could appreciate it more.

Christmas day itself was lovely. We spent time with family before hand and did presents a week before. (For the record they each got things they really wanted, from us and relatives). I was glad to see my Mum too, who came to Australia for about 5 days.  For something different, we did a daytrip on Christmas day. It was a glorious day and I am glad we were able to drive out to the Great Ocean Road. We did a short rainforest walk and visited Port Campbell and witnessed the 12 Apostles.

We have been fortunate in having the opportunities to do other roadtrips around Victoria which we enjoy.
We saw the new year in the city of Melbourne watching the fireworks.

Talz has been drawing and improving so much, her interest being in anime and learning the techniques involved in drawing anatomy. She has an interest in the world around her, not only her awareness of those she meets, but also in geography, world history, and languages. Japan, France and Canada in particular have intrigued her. Even though she asks questions, I sense she knows more than I can 'teach' her.
The same goes for my oldest son who likes to share his research. He likes to read and take things in. that is one thing he appreciates about being home, more time to read rather than the allocated 30 minutes a day they had at school. He is interested in computer programming and has been posting youtube videos.
Meanwhile Av is interested in various things, including bodyboarding. His vocabulary is impressive and he recognises words and understands basic maths.
J is surprising me with his conversation and relaying of events. Bould is still a favourite.
Bub is 20 months and such a happy boy. He doesn't say many words but he seems to make his own language and communicates.

I have been knitting and doing crochet but not so much. My latest favourite pattern is Griffin (see above photo). I made a Mario blanket which I was quite proud of. Take a look at my Ravelry or flickr if you want to see my latest photos.

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