Monday, October 15, 2012

October 2012

Its been a while.
Since I last posted, my Mum married and moved to the US; my forth child, J turned 4 and my husband has been through a long arduous recruitment process for a new job.
He is almost through so fingers crossed.

My husband went through some emotions, realising his kids will have more scope early on working out what they want to do with their life (now and in the future) - more  than he did -and he felt some jealousy. He was able to turn it around, inspired by his kids who have no reason not to believe in him.
In an anti family kind of world where individualism is not often respected, its been a journey. To be honest, unjobbing would be ideal but the job he is applying for would suit him well and its better than where he works now.

Meanwhile, our children cannot help but learn.
My daughter has been getting into detailed drawing such as eyes, hands and most recently hair.
Minecraft is still popular  (Tekkit and Technic) with my eldest son. He engineers and builds things that produce a trigger and reaction. Still very much in deschool mode with him, not that school was something he had to overcome, but it has been an adjustment. Also his health has been a focus, particularly his eczema which I believe has improved, maybe in part to a change to a vegetarian diet and clay baths. Asthma has been horrendous and I feel helpless on that front.
Av is improving in karate. He is active but also likes to consider cause and effect. He has an interest in numbers and simple calculations as well as money (eg. how much things cost) but does not like maths because "that is what they do at school"
Like his sister, J has an interest in maps. He enjoys collecting toy cars. He is talking rather confidently now. I am intrigued by this because my younger boys were 'late' talkers yet it hasn't hindered them in the least.
Day is interested in food, what everyone else is doing and playing with toys that have wheels. He answered the phone yesterday and was intent on trying to communicate (it happened to be his Dad on the line). Though he doesn't say too much, he sure knows how to communicate his needs.

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