Wednesday, September 10, 2014

LUX inspired hat

Its been a while since I last posted, more than a year. My kids are growing up and keeping me busy but I have also had more freedom to do things for myself. I needed to start looking after myself.

I discovered a TV series called Life Unexpected and the knitted hats and scarves that the main character wore kept me intrigued! The hat Lux wore in the pilot episode set me on task to make it myself.

I used Skeinz alpaca merino dk 8ply with a 3.75mm needle. It is knit in the round after the tubular cast on with many rows of rib then garter before decreasing in the crown. Pom pom is added as is a button tab for decorative purposes.

Using tubular cast on, 136 sts.
Join in the round and continue in rib for 40 rows.
Knit and purl for 10 rows - garter stitch.
Decrease in the crown.

Decrease row - (k6, k2tog)
Decrease row - (k5, k2tog)
Continue in this manner til 51sts  remain

Knit/purl 10 rows

Final decrease row - k2tog til last knit, k1.
Leave a tail and thread through remaining 26 sts and fasten.

Pom pom - Using toilet rolls.

Button tab - Join yarn to left side of hat for 12sts. Knit ( garter) for 10 rows. Decrease by k2tog on beginning and end of each row til 1st remains, fasten off.

Add button to tab on outside of hat.
Sew on pom pom.

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