Wednesday, October 06, 2010

R U OK? Creepy guy ruins weird movie.

Today is R U OK? day. Please do not ask, I am far from okay. I have been mostly bed ridden for the past few weeks. Last night I made an attempt to go out just with my Mum as she had free tickets to see "The Other Guys" Its just a strange movie. About halfway, a creepy guy sits by me. My heart starts beating very fast and honestly I am scared. I am weak because I have been struggling to eat and the last thing I want is to have to fight and protect myself. I sit fairly motionless with my hands at my face, completely unable to concentrate on the movie. I feel him moving and then he turns on his mobile and shines it over the lollies I had. I turn to him, he asks if I bought them at the front. I say No. He says Oh at Coles?. Yes. I turn away wishing he would just move. I cough and he asks if Ia m okay?! I shake my head cos I am honestly not. He finally gets up and decides to shuffle past us. This is a mostly empty movie theatre and he chooses to sit by us and then push past us? It was incredibly creepy. By this stage I am annoyed and I am glad he has left us so I can breathe. I considered leaving the cinema and complaining to management because he ruined the weird movie. We leave and talk to the security just outside. They noticed the creepy guy and his friend. There is no phones that are safely nearby so security thankfully let us use their phone so I can call my husband to pick us up. Its quite possible that they were stoned and possibly looking for a wallet or something. I couldn't care less if he took my lollies. Normally I wouldn't be as freaked out especially when I am taller and bigger than some men but still feeling threatened in my space and unwell is not right. And crazies carry knives. You just can not feel 100% safe in this world.

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Sazz said...

Oh K that's awful! I'm so sorry your night out ended up that way, what a shitty world. I'm glad you're safe and that his only offence as far as we know is that he's really creepy.

And as for the sickness :( well do I remember that and I really, truly feel for you and know that there is nothing I can say to make it better and you've heard it all before, so just know that I'm thinking of you and hoping you're well again soon!