Saturday, November 27, 2010

Children are still awesome

~Even though you appear nuts, you love your kids and want MORE. Yes, your hands are full. No you can not afford them. Yes, you sometimes mix up their names. This is not actually an indicator that you have trudged too far down the path of insanity. It is just LIFE. And life can be hard, but children are still awesome. You see the beautiful moments, where everybody gets along and where there is just a touch of the divine in your home.

 This made me cry as I totally understand this thinking and it is how I feel.

 A picture by my 7 year old son, neat writing included. Today the children received a box of craft supplies, they were so rapt. All 4 love to draw. J says "'raw?" He especially likes to draw on skin so maybe a future tattooist? I am not very artistic at all but their father is.
Though somewhat rare, seeing the children play together and create together today was divine.


karisma said...

Not artistic? You? The creator of all things lovely? Children included! I beg to differ! You are very artistic!

The Awesome 4 said...

Creative, maybe... but drawing, painting etc is not my where my talent is.
But thankyou!