Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Newborn 2 button vest pattern

 Its been a while, busy with 5 but still knitting and crocheting (something I figured out how to do while feeding). Too much going on including a notice to vacate so more about that later. In the meantime a simple knit vest pattern.

On 4.5mm needle with 8ply or light worsted should make a 0-3mth size.

co 50. Knit flat
k8, pm, k10, pm, k14, pm, k10, pm, k8
Knit 15 rows, kfab before and after markers in next and every other row.
Buttonhole (yo, ktog) worked in row 3
Cast off between markers for armholes/shoulder.
Make buttonhole and cast on 6 for the underarms.
Option 1 - join after 3 rows garter, inc 8sts, ss. Could include eyelet row. Or make cable in middle - in bulky the owl cable looks great.
Option 2 - Continue in garter st til length desired
Option 3 - Open vest with ‘window’ to embellish.22 sts fronts garter, 26sts back ss

Basic instructions that I hope are clear enough, let me know. Available only for personal use and not profit.

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