Wednesday, September 07, 2011


In limbo, life is. In this incredibly cold Winter, we have had no gas heating, relying on cheap heaters to keep warm, no mean feat in this house in Melbourne. Its sad that we didn't fight to get the heater fixed, we are really too nice. We knew the landlord wouldn't want to fix anything yet would he live here? Lack of ventilation, no smoke alarms, rising damp, the list goes on. But I refrain from ranting too much. He has plans to demolish so we are moving out. The house he started to build in the backyard is basically a concrete slab with tubing for plumbing purposes.

Only recently did we get our youngest son's birth certificate, he is almost 4 months. We literally have no money to move. But it seems we do have a house to move into. Its nearby and okay though small. A good reason to minimise our lives even further. That does interest me but my daughter did say "Stop making wool stuff! You would have more room" That is definitely my addiction. But I can't say I have stash. What would I do if I didn't make too much for my babies and even myself? At least my joy continues when others get use out of what I make too.

Tama pattern is great. I have made a few of these I think though modified as it wasn't designed for babies. I love them as they are easy on/off unlike cardigans.

I have won a few KALs on Ravelry which is a bonus as I just enjoy being involved. The patterns I have received only encourage me to knit more. :)

My almost 6 year old is an appreciator of what I make. He adored the neckwarmer I made just because so he claimed it. Also found a somewhat unattractive sweater I made for my daughter years ago and he has been wearing it every day. I love that.

I have been teaching my daughter's class to crochet a granny square. It is hard work and requires patience but there is some success. I think they are more excited about a baby at school. They were taken aback about him feeding not from a bottle but from his Mama. That is unfortunate that society has taught our children that babies are fed with a bottle. I know and respect that some are but most babies at least have a drop of the good stuff.

Smiling bubby boy.
One of 4 skirts I crocheted for my girl.         


karisma said...

DO NOT give up your wool stuff! Just sayin' as another mother of five, it keeps ones sanity and sense of self intact AND the addiction is of course a lovely one. When your little lovelies all grow up, you will still be creating for others. I have taken short reprieves over the years but never really stopped completely. LOL I hope your moving goes smoothly. Hugs xoxox

Sazz said...

OMG I cannot believe how grown up your girl is looking. She gets more and more stunning every update too!

Very shitty about the heating and all the rest. Renting is a bastard at times.

mychildrensmother said...

Thanks Karisma! I would definitely go insane if I didn't create, I really feel the need for it. So I wont be giving it up, break is fine but what would I do without?!
Thanks Sazz, T is almost 12 and will be a woman soon but I am enjoying my girl growing up, its amazing how fast they grow up.