Friday, June 01, 2012

Roadtrip and bub turns one

12th May last year we met our 5th child, our 4th son.
Now one and standing alone and wanting to eat so much more than just what I am offering. He points and claps, says Dad (his dad is pleased!) and is still a baby to me!
We went to Queensland and it was a great roadtrip. Certainly I think the kids didn't enjoy it so much as I did. They like to see new places as long as they don't have to travel! We spent 3 days driving up to Queensland which was fine as they slept a great deal. We spent 6 nights on the Gold Coast also visiting Brisbane. On the way home we visited Coffs Harbour, Sydney and Canberra among other stops. Just last night Av rep so he is slowly getting nearer to grading for next belt in Karate.

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