Sunday, June 24, 2012

Unschooling Monday

Scienceworks is a favourite place for my kids to visit.  Museums in general are always fun.

My girl is enjoying being out of school but concedes she is lonely. She would like to relate to those who don't go to school and have someone to hang out with.  She is also becoming more self aware as she becomes a young woman. I am so glad she is at home and able to talk to us and ask questions. She is learning a great deal, despite the worries of well meaning others such as grandparents who want her to go back to school so she wont lose her intelligence or learning. Learning is inevitable.  We had a good chat to Av's sensei who happens to be a life coach. He was amazed by her awareness and intelligence and maturity. Honestly so am I! I am constantly amazed by her and her brothers too.

Our 9 year old is seriously considering homeschooling and I hope that we will be a homeschooling family from next month. I feel that he is ready to embark on this journey. It has been a hard few months with him feeling conflicted. He has been told that he needs school to succeed yet he sees how much his younger brother is learning and doing without school.

Av is so interested in things, asking questions and has such an enthusiastic attitude to all that he pursues. His sensei says that his attitude inspires him. He  can also see through people's arguments and words. I think when you allow your children freedom, choices and a  voice, you learn so much from them and open up relationships where you can understand them as whole people now not just when they have finished growing. I believe that matters. It can be challenging but its all good. Av is enjoying karate and has improved so much in recent weeks. He is willing to talk to adults and children alike.

J is a chatterbox. His vocabulary is growing and his speech is improving. He still has trouble with the k/c sound eg. he used to say 'ar instead of car now he says tar. I wanna tum too (used to be "I wanna 'ome 'oo") I am sure he will get the hang of it soon enough.

Bub is walking, not too confidently yet but still  taking a few steps often during the day at a time.


Kebeni said...

we loved science works when we lived in Melb. It is one of the places we speak of often and wish there was something similar here it Tassie

Sazz said...

Was lovely seeing you yesterday, sorry we couldn't stay long. So much is going on for you lot these days!

That is very exciting about Mr9 possibly being at home too. I know that's been a challenge and have marveled at how you all manage. What a journey he has been on. It must be quiet amazing from his perspective to have gone to school after seeing his sister at school and then watching his younger brothers learning at home and then his sister joining them. I hope he decides to blog one day :D

I'm sorry to hear T is struggling with lonliness :( Though I remember feeling the same at her age in school. I'd love to spend more time with you all, especially T, she's such a wonderful person. Next week B and her 11yo V will be living down this way and V is looking into unschooling too. Hopefully she'll forge some new friendships in the coming weeks xoxo