Sunday, July 29, 2012

Officially Homeschooling Family

At the start of school term, my eldest son decided he would try homeschooling. He nervously went to the school to pick up his books and things but they were incredibly supportive. For that, I am grateful. I can't fault them on their support for our children. They were always honest with us, even when we wanted more for our son but they couldn't provide it. The principal and teacher both wished him luck and wanted to keep up with how he will be doing. He seems happier and more communicative already even though deschooling is most important for now - to decompress from the demands of school life can take time. My daughter just received her much sought after drawing tablet. She is continuing to improve in her detailing and I love to see her work. She is enjoying anime and other shows she finds including Friendship is Magic and Adventure Time. Her vocabulary is growing as she asks me about new words she hears or reads. She is reading more than before too. Av now has his Dad doing karate with him which I think is exciting for him. Av continues to amaze me with the things he knows and learns without schooling. He told me what a radius is, how to tell the time and the answer to 20 plus 21 when I thought it out aloud while knitting. Also how to count in 10s past 100 and the order of 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000,, etc to a billion, trillion. He doesn't have a teacher and is not teaching himself, he is learning through life and play. His vocabulary is continually growing and his understanding great. I still get hugs from him and "You are the best" exclamations daily if not more often. Meanwhile, J loves the letter J. He 'writes' it with blocks, toys and whatever he has near but just today wrote it outside with chalk. He will be 4 in about 7 weeks. Bub is 14 months and recently started walking. He likes to explore and get into everything. He has a healthy appetite though he is breastfeeding. He communicates well though he doesn't say too much yet.

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Sazz said...

Such a happy post :D That was lovely to read. Sounds like all is exactly as it should be at your place and the kids are growing from strength to strength, as kids naturally do xoxo